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What is a subagent?

A subagent is a private business who enters into contract with a County Auditor, and is appointed by the Department of Licensing Director to perform vehicle and vessel title and licensing services. 

The county auditor, ourselves, and ALL other agents, collect a Service Fee.  

$15 for title transactions and $8 for registration and all other services.   

When you use the department, or county auditor, or other agent, in other words not our location, those services fees must be credited to the capital vessel replacement account ( Seattle area ferries) under RCW 47.60.322.

When you use a subagent, services fees stay local


 Renew Vehicle Registration  

  Renew Vessel Registration  

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Title Transfers ( Transfers / Duplicates /

    Quick Titles )

• Renew Registration ( Tags / Decals )

• Duplicate Registrations

• Change Your Name on Your Titles 

   and Registrations

• Update Your Address 

• New License plates: Standard,

   Special Background, Collector

• Disability Permits and Placards: 
   Permanent and Temporary

• Fleet Renewals

• Dealer, Financial Institution, and

   Fleet Services 

• Report of Sale

• 3 Day Trip Permits

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